Herein we would like to introduce web site which is the maine portal of the main industry in Russia and in other countries.

Agricultural portal is designed by Russian and Belarusian experts in agricultural industry, and aimed to the target audience such as producers of agricultural equipment and farmers, who have interest in Russian agricultural market.

Practically this is the only web page in English language which is constantly updates the most valuable information and the most important Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian agricultural news, as well as valuable marketing data, which is needed for any business which is interested in penetrating of Russian agricultural market.

Herein you will find the latest news, marketing researches and forecasts in the field or Russian agriculture, and also lists of trading companies, which import and sell machinery for farmers.

All the data bases are free of charge and open for everyone.

All international farmers and food distributors we invite to place information about your products at free of charge bulletin board (click here).

Farmers from India, China, Brazil, Argentina, Iran, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Poland, Hungary etc. are able to find a customer from Russia, United States, Canada, Germany, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Japan and so on.

You can just place information about your products and your contacts.

Our Russian site is a powerful tool for promotion goods for Russian famers.

The most valuable pages at this web site are:

List of dealers is the most powerful dealership search tool available online.

Data-base of agricultural equipment manufacturers in Russian Federation

The content of these pages is valuable for marketing agricultural machinery and agricultural products to Russian Federation.

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