export of grainIn the current agricultural year, Russia will take the second place in the world for grain exports. Such a statement was made by the analytical center “SovEcon” on the basis of the January forecast data of the International Grains Council (IGC).

According to this forecast, the Russian Federation exports 43.9 million tons of grain (excluding products of its processing and leguminous crops). Thus, for the first time Russia will take the 2nd place in the world, bypassing Ukraine.

The first place, as before, is occupied by the United States of America, for which the export of grain in the current season is estimated at 80.3 million tons.

In turn, Russia is on the first place in the world ranking of wheat exporters. According to the January forecast of the US Department of Agriculture, Russia this year will export 35 million tons of wheat, the European Union – 27 million tons, the United States of America – 26 million tons.

Experts also note that the countries of northwestern Africa began to buy more Russian wheat than the European one. Similarly, the countries of South and South-East Asia, in contrast to traditional Australian wheat, in this agricultural year they have increased purchase of the Russian one.


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