linenThe issue of restoration and development of the flax industry of the country was widely discussed during the investment forum in Sochi. Anatoly Kutsenko, Director of the Department of Economics, Investments and Regulation of AIC Markets, said that at the moment there is a reassessment of crop rotation in the Non-Chernozem Region of Russia, taking into account the growth of allocated areas under flax.

The Ministry of Agriculture prepared amendments to the Resolution on compensation of capital costs and purchase of equipment for flax processing enterprises, providing reimbursement of up to 50% of invested funds.

In addition, according to Anatoly Kutsenko, from 2018 it will be allocated 10 thousand rubles per 1 hectare of cultivated flax from the state budget as subsidies to the enterprises engaged in linen production of. In addition, subsidies from the budgetary resources of the regions are provided depending on their potential, on average, in the amount of 2-6 thousand rubles per hectare.

Another mechanism of support of the industry will be stimulation of the quality of manufactured trusts from flax by sectoral farms: flax factories, flax farms, which have the status of agricultural producers. Subsidies for quality will be given for a ton of raw materials produced.

Head of the Department noted that these measures should ensure profitability at a level of not less than 15-20% and create conditions for the growth of material and technical equipment of flax processing enterprises and a gradual increase in the production of flax.

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