Herein you will find a complete list of fealers which sell agricultural machinery and equipment in Russa, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Moldova.

The list of dealers is a unique informational product in English language, which presents practically all companies, which deal with Russian, Belorussian and foreign producers of machines for agricultural sector.

This page contains the most complete and actual list of trading companies (dealers) which distribute and provide service of agricultural machinery to Russian territory. Everyone who is interested in selling its goods to Russian farmers is able to find a partner, using contacts presented here.

For your convenience the dealers at this data base are sorted by regions and placed in alphabetical order.

Team Agroinfo is constantly checks the dealers, and keeps this base updated.

Please note, that English language is not common in Russia, so before contacting the potential partners take your time for translation of the messages into Russian language, or ask Agroinfo specialists for help by e-mail:

Agroinfo team can not only provide profession translation of your proposals, but also to help you in promotion of your brand name and products via one of the most popular among Russian farmers website

In order to find dealers please use menu at the header of the web site, so it will be the most convenient way to get the data devided by regions.

Here you will find the most complete lists of dealers of agricultural machinery in CIS available online.

The list of dealers is the most powerful dealership search tool available online.

List of dealers in CIS countries






Please note, that list of dealers from Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Moldova do not have addresses yet.