TkachevThe current year has become unusually successful for Russian farmers. Such a statement was made by the head of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation Alexander Tkachev at an operational meeting with his deputies and department directors.

Over the last three years, agricultural production in the country has increased by 11.3 percent, the minister said. In 2017, the growth rate will also be at its height. To date, Russia has harvested 140.2 million tons of grain, that in weight after the completion will correspond to 130.5 million tons.

Speaking about the export of grain, Tkachev noted that since the beginning of the current agricultural year, the volume of supplies was already 24.5 million tons, which is one third higher than last year’s figure. Export growth is beneficial to the domestic market.

“It is gratifying that a number of regions managed to establish effective work in this direction, nevertheless it is important to speed up the work on subsidizing grain railroad transportation,” the head of the Ministry of Agriculture stressed.

In the current season, wheat exports abroad increased by 33 percent to 19.1 million tons, barley 1.8 times to 3.2 million tons, maize by 0.2 percent to 2.05 million tons.


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