wheatThe Brazilian government issued a decree on documents and information that importers will need to provide for the import of wheat from Russia. The document came into force immediately after the promulgation.

Before, the Brazilian market was closed for Russian wheat. By their decision, the Brazilian authorities hope to help lift the restrictions on the importation of pork and beef from Brazil to Russia.

“Bilateral trade should be bilateral. If we want to sell more to Russia, we need to open our market for it. If there is good quality and good price, why not to buy Russian wheat? “- said Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Brazil Eumar Novaki.

According to the Foreign Agricultural Service of the US Agriculture Ministry, this season Brazil can collect the worst harvest of wheat in the last decade. Compared with the previous agricultural year, the harvest may fall by more than a third and account for 4.25 million tons.

For Russia, the Brazilian market is one of the most promising. By the way, at the end of the season, Brazil could be among the four largest wheat importers in the world.


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