butterFrom January 1, 2018 in Russia, new rules have been introduced that limit the content of trans fats in fat and oil products to 2%. These norms are reflected in the technical regulations of the Customs Union (CU). Before the permissible amount of trans fats should have not exceed 20%.

Russian oil and fat plants have already prepared for such changes. So, one of the largest producers of fat and oil products in Russia, holding “Sun Products” in early December 2017 announced its readiness to switch to trans-fats-free formulations in 2018.

Moreover, the main enterprise of the holding – Saratov Fat Plant – has been producing products without trans fats by order of its cusomers for several years.

The new requirements of technical regulations of the CU are in full compliance with the recommendations of the World Health Organization and operate in many countries around the world.


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