In 2017, Egypt ranked first in terms of export of Russian food products, surpassing the previous leader among exporters – China. Such data were published by experts of the Russian Export Center (REC), obtained as a result of the analysis of data from the Federal Customs Service (FCS).

Egypt managed to reach the leading positions in purchasing Russian products thanks to a 44% increase in exports last year compared to 2016.

China also increased the percentage of purchases of products from the Russian Federation by 11%, which amounted to 1.72 billion dollars (9% of exports). Further in the list of the largest exporters of Russian food products follow: Turkey – 1.53 billion dollars, South Korea – 1.4 billion dollars, Kazakhstan – 1.26 billion dollars.

According to the Federal Customs Service data, 82% of total exports to Egypt amounted to purchases of wheat, a significant portion of purchases fell also on the supply of sunflower oil.

In general, according to information received from experts from the REC, the supply of wheat abroad in 2017 increased to 30% (in 2016 – 28%).

A significant share of exports was also amounted to: frozen fish – 11%, sunflower oil – 9.4%, crustaceans – 5%, corn – 4.7%, barley – 3.8%, chocolate – 2.9%.

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