MeatIn 2018, the growth in pork production in Russia will be about 4-5 percent or 150,000 tons in slaughter weight. This year, the industry will grow by 5 percent – the volume of output will reach 3.5 million tons. Such a forecast was shared by the Director General of the National Union of Pig breeders (NUPB) Yuri Kovalev at the conference “Agroholdings of Russia – 2017″.

In the poultry sector, the increase this year will be 8 percent. Meat production will exceed 10.2 million tonnes in slaughter weight.

Exports of all types of meat in 2017 will increase by 41 percent and amount to 220 thousand tons, with a third of this amount will account for pork, said Kovalev. In the coming year, the export of this variety of meat will grow within 20 percent – up to 85,000 tons, the NUPB predicts. As for the supply of poultry meat, according to the estimate of Russian Poultry Union, this year they will amount to 150 thousand tons, and in the next – 210 thousand tons.

Along with the meat, the export of chicken eggs will also increase: in 2017, 250 million eggs will be exported, in 2018 – 50 million more. By 2020, the export of chicken meat can reach 350 thousand tons, eggs – 400 million pieces. However, such results can be expected only if all existing veterinary problems are solved, experts say.

According to the forecast of the NUPB, in 2018 the average annual prices for pork will fall by 4-6 percent and will not exceed the level of 2016. At the same time, meat consumption in the following years will grow by only 1-2 percent per year, despite the fact that the decline in purchasing power will stop.


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