harvestIn the southern regions of Russia harvesting operations have already started. In Krasnodar Territory, harvest time began two weeks earlier because of weather conditions.

According to the Governor of the Krasnodar Territory Veniamin Kondratiev, due to high temperatures in spring and early summer, drought is observed in the northern regions of the region. In this regard, the main objectives of the harvest the Head of the region calls, firstly, to conduct harvesting in no more than two weeks, and secondly, to ensure maximum safety of the grain.

Vice-governor of the Krasnodar Territory Andrey Korobka shared that despite the fact that in the northern regions of the region, due to dry winds and low humidity, grain losses amount to 30%, there are areas where the yield is 90 c/ha. As a result, the average value of grain harvesting should not change.

Thus, the authorities of the region count on the preservation of last year’s harvest volumes, when 14.7 million tons of grain was harvested, which corresponded to almost 10% of the total gross grain harvest in the country.

This year the harvesting area will include about 1.6 million hectares of winter crops and 1.9 million hectares of spring crops.

The park of agricultural machinery involved in harvesting this year consists of 40,000 machines that are capable of processing more than 100,000 hectares of farmland per day.


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