sweetsIn January-September of 2017, Russia purchased 43.9 thousand tons of chocolate and chocolate confectionery abroad. This is 44 percent more than last year’s imports, according to the Confectionery Market Research Center (CMRC).

The largest supplier of chocolate confectionery products in Russia for the third consecutive year, is Germany. In the first nine months of this year, this country accounted for almost 28 percent of the total import of chocolate and chocolate confectionery to Russia. To the main suppliers of chocolate and chocolate confectionery products to the Russian market can also be attributed Poland, Italy, France, Belgium, Switzerland, the Baltic countries and the Netherlands.

This year has become more favorable for the segment of chocolate products than the previous two. Thus, against the background of a significant drop in prices for cocoa raw materials both in the world and in Russia, as well as a decrease in the cost of production, the growth in consumer prices for chocolate and chocolate confectionery products has ceased. This has led to an increase in chocolate consumption: today the average Russian eats about 4.9 kilograms per year.


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