World Farmers Organization 2018On May 28 in Moscow, the opening of the VII General Assembly of the World Farmers’ Organization (WFO) took place.

The main theme of the VII General Assembly in Moscow is the strengthening of the importance of farmers and farmers’ organizations in the formation of productive agriculture in the context of global climate change.

In his welcoming speech, Minister of Agriculture Dmitry Patrushev noted that the number of participants from 55 countries in the WFO Assembly in Russia reached 600.

Dmitry Patrushev pointed  special importance of the development of farming in Russia as the priority tasks of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia.

According to the head of the agrarian department, farming is one of the most dynamically developing sectors of agriculture in Russia.

The number of farms in our country exceeds 205,000 farms, the productivity of which is increasing every year.

According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, Dmitry Patrushev also mentioned in his speech, the share of farmers in the production of food products worldwide is 80% (in value terms).

On the first day of the work of the General Assembly four sections were held, which were devoted to combining of traditional and innovative approaches in the conduct of modern farming; peculiarities of organic farming in Eastern Europe, from the point of view of solving climatic problems; innovative ways to minimize losses in agriculture for resolving issues related to climate change; implementation of climate-smart agriculture and integrating it into pricing processes.