PutinThe fact, that the Russian economy is growing is an obvious fact and there are no additions. This was stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin at the annual big press conference on Thursday, December 14.
“Our GDP growth is 1.6 percent, industrial production growth is also 1.6 percent,” said the head of the state. “At the same time, the automotive industry, the chemical industry, pharmaceuticals, and agriculture show very good growth rates.”
Commenting on the situation in the agricultural sector, the president said that by the end of this year the growth in the industry will be about 3 percent. The harvest of grain will make record 130.5 million tons.
“This is generally the biggest harvest in history. In the RSFSR there were approximately 127 million in 1978, said Putin, adding that Russia is also number one in the world in terms of grain exports.
Answering the question about what is the basis for economic growth, the Russian leader said that first of all it is the result of successfully overcoming of two famous shocks of 2014-2015 – this is a sharp decline in energy prices and anti-Russian sanctions.
Another important positive moment for the Russian economy has become its greater focus on domestic demand. The fact that Russia not only emerged from the recession, but also moved into a stage of confident development is also indicated by the growth of investments in fixed assets and foreign direct investment, as well as record-low inflation.