milk powderRussian local producers may be allowed to use milk solids to produce liquid milk. According to the regional unions of dairy producers, this approach will help to deal with the problem of fresh milk deficit.

The Eurasian Economic Commission is currently discussing the changes to the EEU technical regulations of “Milk and dairy products safety”, which will consider reconstituted milk powder as normal dairy product. Additional changes to the technical regulations will allow using milk solids to produce liquid milk.

Arkady Ponomarev, head of the Russian Union of Milk Producers, support the idea of using powdered milk.

“This is a natural product compared to vegetable fats (for example, palm oil) which are now widely used by unfair producers of dairy products. Powdered milk is just dried fresh milk. The only difference is that powdered milk is not reach in vitamin C, which dies out at high temperatures. But people usually drink milk to receive protein, which is preserved in powdered milk”, says Mr. Ponomarev.

However there are the experts who disagree with this position. Many of them think that if powdered milk is allowed to be used, this will nullify the government’s achievements in dairy breeding.

As of now it’s strictly prohibited to use milk solids to produce liquid milk.


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