SugarIt’s expected that Russian sugar producers will break historical records as the result of 2016. According to the forecasts of the Russian Union of Sugar Producers (“Souzrossahar”) beet-root sugar production was supposed to ramp up by 700-800 thousand tons, beet molasses and beet pulp – by 200 and 500 thousand tons respectively.

“Russia will be able to almost fully cover its internal need for white sugar for the first time over the course of decades”, says Dmitry Rylko, general director of the Institute for Agricultural market studies.

Only two years ago Russia used to be a net importer of raw sugar, today we use production potential of Russian facilities to the full extent. Thus sugar plants in Kursk region – one of the sugar production clusters of the country – will process about 4,5 million tons of beet-root material, which is by 2 million tons more than over the last year. Overall volume of seasonal sugar production ramped up by 140 thousand tons to the amount of 500 thousand tons.

High-level processing provides the highest ROI of the sector. Refined products have greater export potential, which makes this direction a number one business priority for the upcoming year.


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