Grain exportsAccording to the FCS of the Russian Federation, shipments of Russian grain abroad by September 1 were higher than last season’s figures by 28 percent. The volume of supplies approached the level of 7 million tons. The rate of wheat exports is also ahead of the last years’: from the beginning of the current agricultural year, 5 million tons of this grain were delivered to the foreign market, which is 11.3 percent more than a year ago. It should also be noted that the export of barley from Russia increased almost 2 times, and corn – 12 times.

Looking at such high sales figures, analysts of the National Union of Grain Producers (NUGP) and the analytical center SOVECON increased their forecast estimates for grain exports to 40-44 million and 44 million tons, respectively. According to the calculations of these organizations, the income from the sale of such a quantity of grain can be from 7 to 8 billion US dollars.

The main positive points of this season experts call entering new Asian markets and an unprecedented export of barley and corn. At the same time, they believe that further increase in export supplies will be hampered by the congestion of the infrastructure: today the ports, the railway, and motor transport are all clogged.

It is the development of infrastructure that will help Russia to increase exports, analysts say. The most promising markets for Russian agricultural products, in their opinion, are the countries of the Asia-Pacific region, which are still underdeveloped.


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