TkachevThe federal authorities should keep on providing financial support to the agricultural and industrial sectors, says Alexander Tkachev, head of the Russian Ministry of Agriculture.

According to his article published in the news paper “Izvestia”, due to Russia’s response to the sanctions imposed by western countries and the appropriate state support, the country managed to achieve high results in the agricultural sector.

“We managed to preserve and then ramp up production growth up to 4% (around 3% in the previous period)”, says Mr. Tkachev.

He also added that some people are rather skeptical about potential efficiency of considerable financial injections to the agricultural and industrial sectors. Nevertheless, agriculture is a beneficiary sector in most countries worldwide.

“Such countries as Japan, the US and even Europe back up agricultural sector. You can compare it with parents who constantly invest in their kid trying to give him the best education, unleash and develop his talents. We should support the agricultural sector to be able to see the results in a while”, says Mr. Tkachev and points out that the ROI time frame for such areas like dairy breeding, vine-growing and gardening may reach up to 3-5 years.

Agriculture wines and dines the country, so we should properly finance its development, says the head of the agricultural sector. Moreover we should both cover local market demand and try to increase exports.

“Agricultural sector in Russia may become an export growth engine for the entire country. This may result in considerable positive changes. Russia has a chance to become a key exporter and make billions of dollars selling its food products abroad”, writes Mr.Tkachev.


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