ЯблокиFruit growing is set to show good upward trend next year,  said Alexander Tkachev, Russian minister of agriculture, in his interview to the Russian state news agency RIA Novosti addressing the question about the prior goals of agribusiness for 2017.

At year-end 2016 the state provided five times as many subsidies for establishing and maintenance of orchards as it had done over the previous period, said the head of the Russian Ministry of Agriculture. This resulted in orchards establishment ramp up by an average of 30%.

“We have to establish 72 thousand of hectars of new orchards or increase their area size by 14 thousand of hectars annually to be able to phase out imports. In such case we will be able to increase fruit production by 500 thousand tons in as little as five years from now”, said the minister.

Mr.Tkachev also told about the results achieved by domestic fruit growers since the food product import ban had been imposed. According to Mr. Tkachev, Russian retaliatory measures encouraged local growers to develop greenhouse facility.

“We expect greenhouse vegetable production to roll over to 840 thousand tons. We need to ramp up greenhouse cucumbers and tomatoes production to 2 million tons by 2020. To achieve that we plan to  build and upgrade at least 2 thousand hectars of greenhouse facilities”, said Alexander Tkachev.


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