TkachevOf the 40 million tons of grain, which Russia plans to export in the 2017/18 agricultural year, the bulk will come from wheat. This was reported to RIA Novosti by the head of the Russian agrarian department Alexander Tkachev during the Eastern Economic Forum, which is being held in Vladivostok.

The Minister of Agriculture expects that in the current season the country will supply to foreign markets about 30 million tons of wheat. According to him, active negotiations on deliveries of Russian grain to Bangladeshi, Iranian, Argentinean, Brazilian and Chinese markets are currently under way.

The minister said, that the forecast of the Ministry of Agriculture regarding the harvest of grain in 2017 remains the same – at least 110 million tons. Nevertheless, there is still a risk of losing some part of the crop.

Speaking about plans to stabilize falling grain prices, the minister said that this year the Ministry of Agriculture may for the first time refuse to intervene in the grain market. Instead, the agency wants to stimulate grain exports by reducing Russian Railways rates for transportation to almost zero.

Answering the question concerning the import of tomatoes from Turkey to Russia, A. Tkachev noted that it can be resumed in small volumes and in the off-season,when domestic greenhouse farms can not provide the market with a sufficient number of vegetables due to weather conditions.

According to the head of the Ministry of Agriculture, Russia itself is interested in the resumption of trade, since the Republic of Turkey annually buys more than 3 million tons of Russian grain for about $ 2 billion. In addition, this country is supplied with large volumes of vegetable oil and rice.


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