The list of producers of agricultural machinery in Moldiva is  a unique informational product in English language, which presents practically all companies in Moldova.

For your convinience ths page containes domains of manufacturers’ sites. However, for better index by maine searching engines such as,, and, we have put extra space in the sites links. Please, exclude the space whine pasting the domain in browser.

This page contains the most complete and actual list of the production companies which manufacture agricultural machinery for Moldovan, Belarussian, Russian, Ukranian and Kazakhstani farmers in one place. Everyone who is interested in selling parts and components for agriculrural machine builders can use the list and contact the companies offering them your products.

These manufecturers are involved in production such machines and equipment as:

  • Tractors
  • Harvesters
  • Balers
  • Header
  • Drills
  • Plows
  • TMR feeders
  • Farming equipment and so on

For your convenience the producers at this data base are sorted by regions and placed in alphabetical order.

Agroinfo team is constantly checks the existence of these companies, and keeps this base updated.

Please note, that English language is not common in Moldova, so before contacting the potential partners take your time for translation of the messages into Russian language, or ask Agroinfo specialists for help by e-mail:

Agroinfo team can not only provide profession translation of your proposals, but also to help you in promotion of your brand name and products via one of the most popular among Russian farmers website

Here you will find the most complete lists of manufacturers of agricultural machinery in Moldova set in alphabetical order available online.

Here is the data-base of agricultural equipment manufacturers in Moldova



MD-2036 Republica Moldova, city Chisinau, street Uzinelor 21

Director General: (+373 22) 47-12-16 /(+373)78-300-211

Director Comercial: (+373 22) 47-05-03 /(+373) 78-300-222

Sectia marketing si vinzari: (+373) 078-300-235



Tracom, АО (AO “Uzina de tractoare “TRACOM”)

Kishinev, Kalya Eshilor str. 59 / 1 off 60


Phone: (+373)22 75 81 75




mun Belts, Industrialnaya str. 4
Phone: +373 (231) 8-87-10
+373 (231) 8-87-11
Fax: +373 (231) 8-87-10